Uncommon & Rebellious

Unconventionally rustic apparel and accessories for the eclectic soul...

Abernathy's is a one stop shop for the unique, one of a kind, never seen before, up-cycled, re-purposed, and all things eclectic. Abernathy's specializes in vintage clothing and accessories, handmade jewelry and statement pieces, home decor, fragrance, and all around experience. Our store is the home to such brands as Unforgiven Vintage, Goathead n' Bunny, and Autopsy Tailors.

Hello! Nice to meet you, we are...

Becca Clark

Unforgiven Vintage

Vintage collector, seamstress, and lover of all things outrageous. Becca has been selling vintage pieces for 7 years on Etsy through her business, Unforgiven Vintage.

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Red Perreze

Goathead n' Bunny

Finder of bones, jewelry designer, and creator of rustic oddities. Red has been designing jewelry, accessories, and home decor for the past 7 years, with her company, Goathead n' Bunny.

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